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Austmine 2023

20 Mar 2023


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Elimination of live work in A/C servicing and diagnosis

How to eliminate live work in vehicle A/C service & diagnosis.

Elimination of live work (ELW) has been a focus of work site safety specialists for some time and the concept is gaining further momentum in the practical roll-out. Reducing the risk of accidents which, in the worst case scenario, could be fatal, is paramount for any operator or contractor on a work site.

In this blog, we focus on how the concept of ELW translates to the process of vehicle A/C servicing and fault diagnoses and what tools are available to eliminate live work and reduce risk to operators and technicians. Some industries are more advanced and regulated in this space than others, but ultimately, it is the responsibility and in the best interest of every site operator, to eliminate risk wherever possible.

Common risks to be prevented

Using state-of-the-art vehicle A/C equipment and tools can greatly help in reducing common accidents related to the process of fault diagnosis or servicing of heavy machinery, such as:


  • Preventing falls
  • Preventing explosion due to over pressurising of the system


Equipment to eliminate A/C live work - automation & remote operation

Broadly speaking, any tool which enables the automation of processes or the operation from the distant and safe surroundings of the vehicle cabin, helps reducing risk.

Fully or semi-automatic 4-in-1 machines with the ability to be monitored and controlled remotely, are at the top of the list, when it comes to servicing heavy-duty or large machinery. As their name suggests, one machine replaces the need for four individual tools and therefore reduces the risk in both categories. There is no need to connect and disconnect several tools and the operation of the 4-in-1 machine can be controlled and supported via an offsite computer or app from a safe distance. The top of the range options to fit this category come in the Konfort TOUCH range (work-shop based machines) and Argilite (best option for mobile servicing). Both brands come with the options to service R134a and R1234yf, the Konfort 780 Bi-Gas can even do both gases in one machine. The Agrilite is specifically designed for the needs of mobile technicians, being extremely compact in size and featuring extra long 7.5m hoses, which eliminate the need of carrying heavy tools up the ladder.

If you prefer to service using manual equipment, it is harder to reduce the risk of falls as the need of repeated human interaction remains. However, there are options which allow you to keep a safe distance from the ‘line of fire’, too. Various brands offer remote controlled tools but the Refco ecosystem of wireless tools all connect and ‘talk to each other’ in a unique way through their remote monitoring app Refmesh. The REFMATE-4 Manifold digital gauge, the Refco wireless temperature clamp, the wireless vacuum gauge as well as the wireless refrigerant scale all feed into Refmesh and enable remote programming and monitoring from the safety of the cab.

Let’s make your work environment safer

Our technical team are experts in their field and are able to help you with a free, individual assessment of your requirements to provide you with the safest and most suitable set-up for your needs. Email us via or phone us on 1800 15 15 15 to get started.

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