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Austmine 2023

Contractor Management Technology Solutions

Management Controls Stand: 434


Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) is the authority in Contractor Spend Management with a 30-year history of assisting clients across multiple industries save 10-15% in contractor labor, equipment and materials spend. Our Track® Platform is currently in use at over 250 industrials sites, including 85% of North American refining capacity and processing over $50 billion annually in contractor spend and generating over $5 billion in annual savings. Our experience and expertise means we truly understand the owner/contractor relationship and what is needed to ensure accuracy and control. 

Track Platform

Our Track® Platform provides a unique way of managing and controlling contractor labor, materials, and equipment spend. It solves the challenges of a paper-based and manual processes by automatically capturing the in and out badge events of contractors via your existing Access Control System (ACS}, and combining that gross time on site with smart contract formulas which are the Terms, Conditions, Rates & Schedules in the owner/contractor negotiated contracts. And because these activities are automated, Track® eliminates the reliance on paper timesheets, paper invoices and manual entry. 

The output of our Track® Platform is contractually compliant hours and dollars that have been calculated and allocated in real-time and updated to your ERP system. Track® transforms the relationship between owner and contractor by giving (you) the owner the ability to approve these audited hours and dollars daily and agree with the contractor on precisely what they have earned. In other words, you generate your own invoice which then feeds accurate information into your ERP system and follows your normal accounts payable process. 

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