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Austmine 2023

JetGuard® - Shotcrete Capable Dewatering Pump

PumpEng Stand: 215

Why The JetGuard® Pump Full Service Provider Range Is Better:

1. Protected - Less Fibre Gets In A hydraulic curtain repels surface fibre, and the suction strainer intake is on the bottom of the pump, not the side. So less Shotcrete fibre gets inside. If any fibres do get in, a cutter plate chops up fibres into tiny pieces.

2. Toughened - Metal Is Best Internal components in the wet end are tough metal, not elastomer. Fibre and tramp can more quickly destroy  lastomer components, while toughened steel components power on. The mechanical seal is in a non pressurised zone, away from the high pressure discharge area and removed from the fluid/Shotcrete path. JetGuard® is dry run tolerant and can run on the snore. 

3. Productive - Less Downtime More Production JetGuard® has been designed for tough environments, to keep on pumping when traditional dewatering pumps might fail. Less mining downtime,
more production.

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