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Austmine 2023

11 Mar 2023

MSA-330 Multi-Stream Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Stand: 338

The Thermo Scientific MSA-330 Multi-Stream Analyzer provides simultaneous analysis of up to 20 elements and percent solids.
The MSA-330 Multi-Stream Analyzer comes with an MEP- 300 Multi Element Probe that does not require Liquid Nitrogen cooling. The MEP-300 Multi-Stream Analyzer has a Silicon Drift detector (SDD) with vastly improved sensitivity to common elements and lower background. This results in higher accuracy, shorter counting times
and lower detection limits.

• Advanced energy dispersive X-ray detector
• Peltier cooled detector does not require liquid nitrogen
• High availability
• Accurate and reliable
• 3 to 12 analysis streams
• Streams remain separate through the complete system
• Composite sampling included
• Low slurry head loss of less than 0.8m across the MSA

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