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Austmine 2023


Stand: 226
  • | Software - operational

LiveMine is a powerful tablet-based data management software leading the way in the next generation of mining solutions. We focus on daily data capture and reporting software that has been designed to efficiently solve data-driven issues.

Created by mining engineers and experienced operators, LiveMineseamlessly integrates with existing operations to eliminate inaccurate reporting and wasted time. LiveMine eradicates hours of paperwork, unreliable spreadsheets, and uncertainty in data accuracy.

Offering underground, surface and exploration modules, LiveMine offers contractors and owner-operators an easy and efficient way to collect and manage their operational data. Our innovative software can be used online or offline, meaning you can collect crucial operational data directly at the source in real-time.


L2/682 Murray St
West Perth
Western Australia
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  • Assign activities and operators to equipment and locations.  Effective drag and drop tool Allocated tasks sent directly to the operator and linked to the relevant module Save time when planning with d ...
  • Any PDF can be loaded and viewed remotely. View instructional documents offline from anywhere. Zooming and navigation for easier viewing. 
  • Ability to capture photos for reporting damage. Full control of checklists for different sites and equipment. Faults generate custom instructional messages. Available for any equipment on site. Automa ...
  • Customisable ground support standards. Create an inventory of products which are selectable in the app. Batch plan management. Track amount of product applied. Capture photos of completed jobs. 
  • Crew-based activity recording at locations. Dynamically adjust crews throughout shift. Customisable inventory of items and track their usage over the shift. Simple real-time photo capture and comments ...
  • Ability to record all charge, fire and reentry activities. Real-time hole tracking. Digitally log explosives usage. Record multiple firing activities simultaneously. 
  • 2D interactive visualisation of drill plan in a digital format. See Planned vs Actual drill data. Drill plan updates between shifts to show drill hole status. Record quality control measurements. Vali ...
  • Record bucket weight data from 3rd party in-cab, OEM or external devices manually or via integration. Operators can record their bucket counts in real-time. More than one loading task can be ready for ...
  • Production Drill activities can be recorded in real-time. Record drill hole activities including plan vs. actual information. Redrills and breakthroughs recorded. Includes simple drill plan import too ...
  • Operators can record their haul cycles in real-time. Multiple simultaneous active tasks. Record payload data from 3rd party in-cab, OEM or external devices manually or via integration. Flexible and dy ...


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