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Austmine 2023

SICK Sensor Intelligence

Stand: 504

Protecting productivity with systems in underground mining as well as surface mining and smelting.

From monitoring gas concentrations and air quality in the mine right through to collision protection for the large vehicles on the mine site: SICK offers a wide range of sensors and systems for increasing safety and monitoring potentially hazardous situations. SICK’s product portfolio includes solutions for analyzing and monitoring pit gas concentrations in coal mining. SICK also offers solutions for protecting mobile machines, for collision avoidance, and tunnel warning systems for underground and surface mining.


5 Helen Street
Heidelberg West
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  • Fields of applications Horizontal hazardous area protection on stationary outdoor machines Safety and navigation for automated guided vehicles and mobile robots in outdoor areas Horizontal hazardous a ...
  • Fields of applications Safe hazardous area protection at machines and vehicles both in- and outdoors Safe automatic restart in complex applications such as robot cells thanks to 3D monitored area Appl ...
  • Fields of applications Automation of container handling in ports Detection of bulk material stockpiles (volume determination) Determination of container data such as dimensions and position Monitoring ...
  • Fields of applications Construction machinery Ports Cranes Mining Agriculture Wood/forestry
  • Thanks to its high-resolution 0° scan layer, the multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor is suitable for mapping and localisation. The sensor generates a 3D point cloud that can be used to detect people and obje ...


  • This video introduces the key features and functions of the new LRS4000

  • Are you interested in 3D LiDAR technology?

  • Visionary-B is perfectly designed for use on heavy duty off-road vehicles working in outdoor environments for example at ports, mines, construction sites and agricultural sectors.

  • How robust is the safeRS?

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    With the safeRS, there are no longer any external influences that disturb or even interrupt the production process. This means consistent effectiveness.

  • outdoorScan3 from SICK enables safe human-machine collaboration outdoors and therefore opens nearly limitless possibilities for existing and new fields of application.



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