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Press Release

Austmine 2023

27 Jan 2023


Fleet Space Technologies Stand: 126

Power Nickel, a Canadian metal exploration company, has announced a partnership with Australian-based Fleet Space Technologies, a developer and operator of a constellation of
microsatellites that delivers universal connectivity across the globe including exploration of Nickel ore deposits at its NISK project. The company, which specializes in exploration of high-potential nickel, copper, gold and other battery metal prospects in Canada and Chile, will use innovative sound mapping technology from Fleet Space to locate additional high-grade nickel sulfide deposits with a greater level of accuracy.

Called “ExoSphere”, a rapid mineral exploration solution, Fleet Space mapping technology has already delivered promising results in exploration projects for high-grade nickel in Michigan and
Minnesota. The satellite-enabled earth scanning technique is called Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT). Battery powered devices known as ‘Geodes’ which can be transported by hand are used
to capture background vibrations from natural and man-made sources. The data can be used to develop a full 3D visualization of the subsurface down to 2 km depth. Fleet’s Geodes are up to
10x more sensitive than existing nodal geophones, leading to better accuracy and depth of results. The exploration team can get a clear, rich image of what resources may be below ground in a period that can be as short as four days.

Commenting on the partnership, Terry Lynch, the CEO of Power Nickel said, “Fleet Space Technologies has already successfully used this technology in Australia and in Minnesota.

By using this advanced seismic tomography approach in combination with our in house methods, we hope to increase our chances of finding more nickel ore pods at a faster rate. The two main advantages this technology offers is that we can now explore our 45-square kilometer land package in a fraction of the time we need using traditional ground-based methods. The second advantage is that with this data we can drill less meters, but with increased impact. Use of this technology aligns well with our goal of making nickel mining cleaner, faster and more environment friendly right from the exploration phase.”

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