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Austmine 2023

2D LiDAR sensors LRS4000

SICK Sensor Intelligence Stand: 504

Makes details visible thanks to high angular resolution


The LRS4000 is a powerful 2D LiDAR sensor. It sets the benchmark for advanced outdoor automation by detecting particularly fine details and structures. In addition to its high angular resolution, the LRS4000 offers an outstanding frequency resolution ratio: This makes it possible to create more intelligent and reliable dynamic applications, and even accelerate them. The gap-free field of view offers complete flexibility with up to 360°. Rugged components ensure reliable performance and availability under nearly any conditions. Take advantage of excellent measurement performance, flexibility and durability: The LRS4000 – key technology from SICK for your outdoor automation needs.


At a glance

  • Excellent angular resolution
  • High frequency resolution ratio
  • HDDM+ and multi-echo technology
  • Up to 360° aperture angle, rotatable connections and other smart features
  • Rugged components
  • Heavy-duty accessories for dynamic environments
  • High-end measurement technology in a compact, lightweight and durable LiDAR sensor
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