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Austmine 2023


SPT Stockholm Precision Tools Stand: 400


  • For geotechnical and mining industries
  • Single instrument for different diameters
  • User friendly application with QA/QC integrated
  • Records inclination and temperature
  • Follow remotely the ROP of your drillholes
  • SPT-CLOUD compatible
  • Valve system to ensure pump-in time is not compromised
  • No need to open the thread for pairing/connection »»» high speed Bluetooth


Digital core orientation system that provides directional characteristics of a geological core sample extracted from the subsurface and other key data in core drilling operations such as temperature and inclination.

High level of data accuracy leads to better understanding of the composition of the subsurface. However, in order to accurately interpret the information obtained from the core sample, it is necessary to have knowledge of the orientation of the core sample relative to the subsurface from which it was extracted.

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