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Austmine 2023


PumpEng Stand: 215

Why The Guardian® Pump Range Is Better

Toughened - Metal Is Best

Internal components in the wetend are tough metal, not elastomer. Harsh operating environments quickly destroy elastomer components, while toughened steel components power on. Guardian® is dry run tolerant and can run on the snore.

Productive - Less Downtime More Production

Guardian® has been designed for tough environments, to keep on pumping when traditional dewatering pumps might fail. Less mining downtime, more production.

Benefits of Guardian® for Mining Operations

  • Increase mine performance, productivity and profit by reducing breakdowns and delays.
  • Reduce workplace hazards by reducing the number of breakdowns.
  • Reduce equipment lifecycle cost by increasing total pump life.

Our Guardian® pumps and parts are Australian designed and manufactured.

We formed PumpEng® to improve the design of mass-produced pump components for Australian operating conditions. We consulted with Australian maintenance and mining staff and used our own expertise gained through our long association with the mining industry.

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