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Austmine 2023


SPT Stockholm Precision Tools Stand: 400

Not affected by magnetic field

The GyroMaster™ can be used in magnetic fields as it measures the projection of the angular velocity of the earth on its axis of rotation.


Highest standard of quality control - QC/QA

The GyroMaster™ uses our proprietary Navibore™ technology, which can register data points at every centimeter for industry leading accuracy. Capable of surveying in any application, customers can automatically create highly accurate independent survey. Obtain data in real-time and automatically generates detailed pdf reports that verify collected data via separate independent surveys.


Pull core and complete survey at the same time

Improve your team´s efficiency by doing two tasks at once. With our Core Retriever™ overshot assembly you can pull cores and survey simultaneously. Increase drilling productivity and deliver great results.

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