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Austmine 2023


PumpEng Stand: 215

The Reliable, Tough Pump for the Modern Miner using Shotcrete

You are operating in a tough environment already, tramp and Shotcrete fibre makes it even tougher. Dewatering pump failure is slowing you down.You need pumps that are going to last in the harshest conditions. JetGuard® pumps are your solution.



– Protect your dewatering infrastructure

– Reduce maintenance manpower you need

– Free up your electrical crew for higher priorities

– Keep Shotcrete fibre and tramp at sump site


JetGuard® by PumpEng

Designed To Handle Shotcrete Fibre

JetGuard® is an underground submersible dewatering pump designed for the challenges of underground mining.

PumpEng designed and built JetGuard to help tackle all kinds of tramp encountered in underground mining. And in particular one of the biggest causes of failure for submersible pumps in mining - Shotcrete fibre.

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