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Austmine 2023

RN4E-* - IoT Cordless Cap Lamp

Roobuck Pty Ltd Stand: 329

The model number depends on the technology you require. The * will be replaced with the following letters:

  • W - WiFi (2.4GHz) for Tracking, Emergency & Duress Call
  • L - LTE (Cat M1) for Tracking, Emergency & Duress Call
  • B - BLE for location IDs, asset locationing, light control, sensor data log
  • U - UWB for collision avoidance
  • D- DSRC (802.11p) for Collision Avoidance
  • P - Proprietary 3rd party Wireless Tags
  • - LoRa to be released soon

Please note that LTE, DSRC and Proprietary Wireless Tags cannot exist in the same cap lamp

Not all Models are currently available. Some are under development. Please contact Roobuck for details


  • Three operating modes – Main, High-Beam, Auxiliary
  • Adjustable beam angle to point wherever you look
  • Lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic
  • World’s safest and most reliable Panasonic battery
  • Top Brand, high quality components and parts
  • Tough GERMAN enclosure material to withstand rough handling
  • RFID - UHF 860 - 960 MHz with longer range than NFC can be integrated into tracking & entry control systems
  • NFC -13.56 MHz for use with your Kiosk, Tag Board and Inventory solutions
  • IMU for capturing movement data for your AI and man-down solutions

Product Specifications

  • 5000 Lx Main Mode
  • 8000 Lx High-Beam Mode
  • Weight -160 - 180 g
  • Running Time - 14 h Main Mode WiFi+BLE Model
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Charging Time - 9 h
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