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Austmine 2023


PumpEng Stand: 215

The ScatPump® is an extremely durable, top-discharge slurry submersible pump with a mechanical agitator and wide clearances. This slurry pump has a straight path from intake to discharge and uses the pumped liquid to cool the motor.

This slurry pump also does not have an elbow joint like a side-discharge pump, so it has fewer surfaces that can wear or potentially fail, and can fit into tighter areas. The ScatPump® agitator will keep particles suspended in the slurry while large, 30 mm holes in the strainer have allowed virtually all of the solids to pass through.

The pumping components of the ScatPump®, notably the agitator, impeller and wear plate are constructed of high-chrome iron, meaning the ScatPump® is designed to be a solid workhorse in any condition.

The ScatPump® slurry pump is available in 4 kW to 22 kW and well suited for popular areas such as;

  • Mill Sumps
  • Fly Ash
  • Residue Ponds
  • Conveyor Sumps
  • Wash Down Sumps
  • Stockpile Runoff Sumps

The ScatPump® is also available in a smaller version for those places where a submersible slurry pump is required but the areas are too tight, introducing the “MiniScat”. This model is available in a 1.5 kW and a 2.2 kW unit. The MiniScat also comes equipped with Smarts. The Smarts include incorrect direction detection, level sensor which shuts off the pump and restarts once levels return, thermal shutdowns with a temperature adjuster to restart.

Combined with our high level of service and expertise, PumpEng® is the natural choice for all of your slurry submersible pump requirements.

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