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Austmine 2023

Suspended Dump Body (SDB)

Duratray International Stand: 406

Reduced Carry back: The SDB suspended rubber floor is in constant flexible motion during loading and discharging, which prevents material from building up. Recent trials have demonstrated in most cases, the carry back is totally eliminated.

Increased Payload: The Suspended Dump Body’s lighter design provides higher volumetric capacity and payload increase within GVW. The SDB has proven results increasing average payloads by 20%.

Noise Reduction: Noise Reduction is achieved with the Suspended Dump Body due to its unique design that makes it ideal for mine operating near populated areas where environmental noise pollution is an issue. Testing undertaken in various operations have resulted on a reduction of linear and weighted sound levels between 8 to 10 dB on haul trucks fitted with Duratray SDBs.

Abrasion Resistant: Innovation engineering improvements have been undertaken on the Duratray SDBs to offer up to 65% less abrasion in most mining conditions including heavy or abrasive rock and sticky materials.


Load Shock Absorption: The SDB dump body design provides up to 50% reduction of vertical impact g-forces and WBV whole body vibration at the operators position. 

Low Maintenance Cost: The suspended rubber floor of the SDB dump body typically achieves 2-3 times longer repair/replacement cycles compared to steel dump bodies in hard-rock applications. The rubber floor is replaced in 1-2 days, compared to several weeks welding for the repair of conventional steel dump bodies.

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