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Austmine 2023


Veracio Stand: 520

The TruProbe™ platform is an expandable system that allows users to combine multiple sensors into a single tool for downhole surveys.


  • Contains the robust, accurate gyro unit housed within a short, lightweight integrated pressure barrel that is easy to handle.

  • A rechargeable control unit that easily attaches to the gyro, forming a secure electromechanical connection. Two units are included with each kit providing enough power for several days of surveying between charges.

  • Lightweight inner tube-style wrenches are provided for assembling the gyro tool to control unit—ensuring the correct amount of torque is applied to threaded joints.

  • A durable mobile device built for field use includes the ready to use, pre-installed intuitive operator app to get you started with TruGyro™.

  • An all-in-one charging adapter will recharge all TruProbeTM devices simultaneously—eliminating multiple bulky chargers and saving precious AC wall outlet space.


  • Robust depth counter is built to withstand even the harshest underground environment while reliably providing accurate depth.

  • Includes an innovate magnetic mounting binding to quickly and safely attach to various types of rigs.

  • Safety-critical features minimize exposure to rotating components and catch points.


  • Includes industry-leading Boart Longyear running gear for safe survey deployment.
  • Standard Overshot with safety pin.

  • Optional Roller Latch™ Overshot.

  • Steel centralizers for diamond coring survey applications.

  • Bowspring centralizers for near-vertical and RC survey applications.

    NOTE: Orientation running gear kits are available for setting wedges and steering downhole navi-motors. 

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