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Austmine 2023

Dallas Wilkinson

Dallas Wilkinson

Chair, Austmine

Dallas is currently serving as the Chair of the Austmine board.  He is a dedicated advocate for the advancement of the global METS industry through innovation and customer focus.   In addition to his Austmine role, Dallas holds the position of Chair at 3ME Technology, a specialized heavy vehicle battery manufacturer for the mining and defence industries, as well as Gulf Conveyor Systems, which is focused on maximizing mining asset productivity. He is also involved in several advisory boards.

Furthermore, Dallas is the owner and Principal of Enhanced Performance Business Advisory (EPBA), a METS consultancy specializing in technology commercialization and strategy development. EPBA provides tailored solutions for growing businesses and people. With over 35 years of experience in the Mining Services sector and having worked in more than 60 countries in various technology, commercial, operational, and strategic leadership roles, Dallas brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry.

Dallas is also committed to mentoring and coaching the next generation of industry professionals, actively participating in industry mentoring programs and executive coaching activities.