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Austmine 2023

Fabien Trotet

Fabien Trotet

Managing Director, CNRT

Fabien is a mining professional with 22 years of experience in industry, education and research. 

He is PhD from École Normale supérieure in Paris, has expertise in mineral geosciences, exploration geology, and strong skills in performance and quality management.

He had different roles in mining operations, has been leading exploration and mining process best practices during 10 years at SLN New Caledonia, providing audit and coaching to minesite staff towards excellence.

More recently, Fabien also managed mining restoration teams, dealing with challenges of storm water management on massive unstable rocky slopes.

All along with these experiences, innovation had a prominent role to address issues and identify locally adapted solutions, often with the input of local communities.

In 2022, Fabien has taken the position of CNRT Nickel executive director, managing a portfolio of technology, environment and social science projects to improve New Caledonia competitiveness through innovation.

As a manager, Fabien focuses on maximizing resources, mitigate risks and achieve business targets with a corporate social responsibility approach, a pragmatic, safe and cost effective way.