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Austmine 2023

Gustavo Pilger

Gustavo Pilger

R&D Strategy & Management Director, Dassault Systemes

Gustavo PILGER is a Mining Engineer/Geostatistician with over 20 years’ experience in the global mining industry and with a strong background in mineral resource modelling and uncertainty analysis, holding a PhD and a MSc degree in geostatistics and a specialisation degree in Mining Geostatistics from the Paris School of Mines. Gustavo has worked for large mining corporations and consulting organisations, where he has been working with a vast range of commodities located in several parts of the globe in collaboration with multidisciplinary groups. He has also experience in all aspects of Technology Development for the mining industry. As Head of GEOVIA R&D within Dassault Systèmes, Gustavo manages the strategic definition and development of GEOVIAs’ portfolio. He provides strategic views to define the technology vision for modelling and simulating the planet in a responsible manner. With leadership teams across Dassault Systèmes he contributes to defining transformational technologies to enable companies to overcome their challenges, improving predictability, efficiency, safety and sustainability whilst maximising shareholder value.