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Austmine 2023

02 Apr 2023

Elphinstone Electrical Harnesses

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Stand: 100

Elphinstone Pty Ltd is a producer of cable assemblies and components for Underground and Surface Mobile Equipment used in the Mining and Explosive industries.

Wire processing and identification are achieved via a Komax Z633 Wire processing unit. This is capable of processing 36 different wires simultaneously with wire sizes ranging from 0.22mm² up to 6mm². Wire identification in contrasting colours via inkjet printing. The wire is currently sourced to meet MIL-W-81044 and MIL-C-27500.

Current cable assemblies are sleeved in Conduit, Spiral Wrap, Cloth tape, or Varflo sleeve which conforms to MIL-I-23053, or over braided via our Herzog harness braiding machines. Elphinstone has 2 braiding units - the KB 1/48 100 which covers a range of 8-20mm the KB 1/24-100 which covers a range of 25-40mm.

Elphinstone currently produces over 1500 variants and over 15,000 pieces per year for all existing customers with an on-time delivery performance of greater than 98%.

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