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Austmine 2023

27 Mar 2023

Meet the SpinPod 30

Verton Stand: 435

Verton’s remote controlled load orientation system is now even bigger.

Meet the SpinPod 30

With increased capacity, the SP30 orientates up to 100 tonnes and offers key features such as:

  • Hold functionality – with a push of a button, the load remains in a set orientation as the crane slews, saving time, improving safety and efficiency even in windy conditions.
  • Optimal line of sight - transfer operational control of the SpinPod with the optional Pitch and Catch feature. Whether at height, in excavations and challenging locations - optimal line of sight can be maintained.
  • Integration flexibility - Integration into your lifting operations is flexible as the SpinPod can be rigged to your spreader bar, mounted on a lifting frame or directly onto your load.
  • Incremental adjustments - the load heading can be adjusted by increments of 1 degree - further supporting a full ‘hands off’ approach to load orientation.
  • New inclusions – quick change over battery brackets is now standard - replace between shifts to keep lifts moving.
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