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Austmine 2023

18 Apr 2023

Video - Autonomous Cleaning for Preventative Maintenance of Small Solar PV Arrays on Mine Sites

Solar Energy Robotics Stand: 208

The mining industry has turned to solar power as the most effective power supply for off-grid infrastructure, especially for critical communication systems on autonomous mine sites.

However, maintaining solar arrays is crucial for reliable power supply, and dust accumulation on panels can significantly reduce efficiency and lead to communication system failures and production losses. Current manual cleaning methods are expensive, exposure workers to safety risks and can damage the panels.

This video highlights the value of using Autonomous Robotics for daily cleaning for precentative maintenance of solar arrays in active mine areas. 

The autonomous solar cleaning robot (ASCR) is a WA technology that has been specifically designed for mine site applications. It is now widley used in WA mine sector to clean solar panels that are powering critical communication infrastruture. 

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