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Conference Themes

At Austmine 2023, with the key theme Transforming our Future, the conference focuses on leading-edge technologies, open innovation and forward-thinking strategies aimed at re-designing how mining operates, ensuring we meet the expectations of a new generation.

During the conference, you will learn from industry leaders, strategic thinkers and technology experts, coming together to discuss the key levers needed to create step-change in our industry.

The conference will be a place to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing our industry today. We will also look into the future to think about the actions needed now around such issues as climate change, skills, technology adoption, and culture in order to ensure real progress.

There will be interactive breakout sessions to engender robust discussion on how we can think differently to truly transform our industry and lead a more sustainable future.



Mega-Trends In Tech




Leading A Positive


Transforming Mining

Looking into the future, we will re-design how mining operates during interactive Collaboration Laboratory breakout sessions.

We will explore the latest technologies, and challenge ourselves to explore new ways of mining in order to transform our future.

Key insights from the Collaboration Laboratories will be shared and discussed at an open forum at the end of the conference. 

Harnessing Mega-Trends In Tech

Is there a place for mining in the metaverse, and can we move quickly enough to harness the bleeding edge of tech?


Opening Innovation

We talk about being open, but the reality is our culture is firmly rooted in the past. There are glimmers of progress, but how can we create a vibrant ecosystem to achieve a truly open environment?  


Leading A Positive Legacy

It is up to each one of us lead the future we need and the time for action is now. Never have there been so many challenges to overcome, and it is only collectively that we can create a positive and proud legacy for generations to come.


  • “An exciting look at the technology for tomorrow's mine.”
    Business Development Manager, Haver Australia