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Looking back on Austmine 2023

Austmine 2023

Looking back on Austmine 2023

In May, the world-leading mining innovation Conference & Exhibition, Austmine 2023, took place at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Bringing together over 1,200 industry leaders, influencers, innovators, and change-makers, the event spanned from 9 to 11 May 2023, providing a platform to explore the emerging trends in the Australian METs sector, including leading-edge technologies, open innovation, and forward-thinking strategies.

Austmine 2023 offered a diverse program that included workshops, keynotes, panels, networking events, and interactive breakout sessions. Attendees had the valuable opportunity to connect with peers, establish new connections, and cultivate partnerships.

With a central theme of "Transforming our Future," the conference aimed to revolutionize the mining industry through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, embracing open innovation, and implementing forward-looking strategies. It sought to redefine mining operations to meet the expectations of the next generation. The event's exhibition area featured over 100 exhibitors, showcasing the latest advancements, groundbreaking innovations, and transformative solutions from the Australian METS sector.

Looking ahead, we look forward to Austmine 2025, where collaboration will continue to thrive, and the most recent advancements in mining innovation will be on display.

Conference Highights

One of the memorable sessions, Reflections of industry legends – METS, featured Dale Elphinstone, Executive Chairman of Elphinstone, who shared his perspective on the future, stating, "By working together, in 5-10 years' time, we will have products that are not only more productive, but we'll have more efficient costs. It feels like a revolution, but I've just been around long enough to know this is not going to be a revolution. It's going to be an evolution."

The conference also featured insightful panel discussions. In the session titled The Innovation Frontier – Moving the Dial on Technology Adoption, Flavia Xavier, GM Innovation and Technology Development at South32, emphasized the importance of managing change and acknowledged the contribution of the new generation, stating, "Our people see and want to do things differently. We have a duty of care to manage that well. There's a new generation that's coming and that is helping us with change."

During the Keynote Presentation: Innovation in the Digital Age, Adam Mooney, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Orica, highlighted the significance of collaboration for sustainable growth and development, stating, "By working together, we can deliver innovative solutions needed for sustainable growth and development in a brave new low carbon world."

Exhibition Highlights

At Austmine 2023, exhibitors had the opportunity to deliver Expo Tech Talk sessions throughout the conference. These ten-minute talks took place at their booths and showcased products, innovations, and ideas directly to conference attendees.

Some of the exhibitors and their topics included Orica with "Changing the Landscape of Blasting: A Wireless Future," VOCUS with "LEO Satellites: Introducing the Next Game Changer," and Orange Business with "Race to NetZero – Decarbonizing Multi-OEM Fleet Old & New Alike." These Expo Tech Talks provided a valuable platform to hear firsthand from METS organizations about their latest offerings and insights.


Austmine 2023 Awards Dinner and Award Winners

The Austmine Industry Leaders & Awards Dinner was a dynamic gathering, bringing together over 800 attendees for a night of lively networking and quality entertainment.

Adding a spark of humour to the occasion was our host, the talented comedian Sam McCool, whose wit and charm infused the evening with light-hearted fun.

Throughout the night, Austmine had the pleasure of awarding four significant industry recognitions. We'd like to extend a warm congratulations to our winners: Immersive Technologies, Rio Tinto & Weir Esco, Fleet Space Technologies, and Dale Elphinstone. 

It was truly gratifying to spotlight the achievements of these exceptional companies and individuals in the sector. Their success, celebrated amidst laughter and applause, made the evening even more memorable.


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Austmine 2023 has provided an exceptional platform for professionals in the mining industry to connect and engage with senior leaders and decision-makers. It has been a great opportunity to foster relationships, gain insights, and explore the latest advancements in technology and innovation.

The conference has been filled with memorable moments, capturing the essence of inspiration and collaboration. We invite you to visit our gallery, where you can relive those highlights and share your own experiences from this remarkable event.